WoW leveling guide

Sup WoW gamers

This post will teach you some pro tips about leveling, and it will basically be a pretty good wow leveling guide if you’re trying to reach level 90. But before we get started, I’ve decied to share with you some wow leveling guide strategies. I personally recommend This WoW Leveling Guide/addon, which increases your levelingspeed by up to 400%.

As we all know, leveling up has been getting easier and easier for every expansion. In vanilla, you could actually brag about being level 60 to your friends, and if you got into a guild and had a few epics, then you’d be considered a pro.

In the previous WoW expansion, we have gotten things like heirlooms (Cataclysm), RaF (wrath of the lich king), and the xp required to level has been reduced around 3 times.

However. If you want to reach level 90 as fast as humanly possible, then you really need one of those WoW Leveling Guides. The name of these can be quite confusing, because most of these are not guides, but infact addons.

And you should be really happy that you are able to get these wow leveling addons now, and that you didn’t have to do like me and read hundreds of pages from websites on how to do every quest (seriously, it could be like 30 steps just for 1 quest).

I highly recommend that you get one of these Wow leveling guides, and my personal favorite is Zygors guide (updated for Mists of Pandaria of course).

Try it out and you should probably notice that you level 300-500% faster than before. I personally increased the leveling rate of around 400% :) , so this is something I really recommend.

One “bad” thing about this is however, like all of the leveling addons, that the trial doesn’t last all the way up to 90. If im not mistaken, you can level up to around 20 and then you’d have to buy the real version.

Anyways, it is pretty cheap so it really shouldn’t be any problems. I’ve used this wow leveling guide for years (yeah you get free updates :d) and it has saved me loads of time leveling up my characters to 80/85/90.

See you at level 90 :)

Use This WoW Leveling Guide to reach 90 faster than ever.

/Dan from Sylvanas

PS. The AV BG has been nerf by the way, so if you’re thinking about powerleveling through Alterac Valley then you have to remember that the bosses no longe have 16 million hp, but rather 78 million.

You can still of course decrease his hp by taking the towers/bunkers and killing the mini-bosses. aka Balinda or Galvangar depending on if you’re Horde or Alliance.

Thanks for reading my wow leveling guide.