WoW Horde Leveling Guide – 1-90

Sup. Mists of Pandaria is out and a WoW horde leveling guide is something that every player of the horde needs.

Of course, it’s not mandatory to have a wow horde leveling guide, but it would help you a lot. When I level’d my UD Rogue I noticed an xp per hour increase by around 350-400%. I used Zygors Leveling Guide, which is more of a pro addon than a guide, but calling it a guide is easier :)

If (when) you notice the change between having Zygors Guide and not having it, you can of course update it to the Real version which reaches all the way to 90.

I’ve used this guide/addon for a few years, and the free updates for the new expansions is simply amazing. Last time i checked, Zygor got around 60.000 people using his guide, which is pretty sweet.

Of course it’s not just a WoW Horde leveling guide, but you can also get guide for dungeons, daily quests, profession powerleveling guides, mount&gear guides. And every single of these guides are of course updated for Mists of Pandaria.

So to all my readers, if you want to reach level 90 at the fastest time possible, then get this addon. Just try out the free version that I gave you i the link above, or if you want to just get to 90 fast, then simply buy it. If you’re not happy about it you can get a refund, so there’s really not harm in buying it.

Since I got Zygors Guide a few years ago, I’ve used it to level up around 15 characters to various levels.

The first day of MoP you could powerlevel through AV, but now when this is fixed, everyone is going back to questing. And if you got a wow leveling addon, you’ll reach 90 faster than most people in your guild.

Click Here for my recommended Mists of Pandaria WoW horde leveling guide.

/Dan The Man, UD Rogue @ Sylvanas

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